The City of Los Angeles has long maintained a ban on inflatable “bounce” structures and the use of outdoor generators in Valley Village Park. At the February meeting of NCVV’s Board of Directors, the Board asked the Bureau of Parks to step up enforcement of the ban. Over the past several months hundreds of area residents have signed petitions asking that the bans be enforced. NCVV’s Board has held several hearings on clarifying what activities are appropriate for Valley Village park, and requested that the city post signs advising those who use our park that some activities, including generators and bounce houses, are not permitted. The signs were posted in November 2016, and strict enforcement will begin in March.

“We are trying to get word out to anyone who uses our park, and identify activities that are appropriate for public use” said Tony Braswell, President NCVV. “Our ultimate goal is to maintain a park space that is enjoyable for all our neighbors, and ensure that a child’s special day is not interrupted when their parent is asked to end their party and remove a generator or inflatable house.” Park Police who see patrons illegally using inflatable houses and/or generators will be asked to leave the park and may be cited with a ticket. With a city permit, inflatable houses and generators are allowed in North Hollywood Park on the east side of 170 freeway.