The Neighborhood Council Valley Village Board has six committees that do much of the work of the Board and serve as important liaisons to the Board or issues related to the community. Anyone can volunteer to work with the Committees.

City Services
Chair: Jeff Walker
The City Services Committee is responsible for representing stakeholders of Valley Village and the interests of NCVV to all departments of Los Angeles City Government, Los Angeles County and the state of California whose services are supported by tax revenue. This includes DWP, Bureau of Street Services, Sanitation, and MTA just to name a few. The City Services Committee is also tasked with representing our community’s interests in Valley Village Park, as well as our interests in the CERT and Neighborhood Watch Programs.

The City Services Committee meets once per month and more often as needed: 2nd Tuesday each month 7:00 – 8:30 pm at Oakwood Secondary School Library – 11600 Magnolia Blvd. Valley Village, CA 91601.

Chair: Suzanne Lewis
The Communications Committee is responsible for NCVV website ( as well as our Newsletter (The Bridge) and all outreach and communications efforts to our stakeholders on behalf of NCVV and the city. This committee also serves as the liaison to all media and news outlets and participates with the Events and Outreach Committee to conduct effective marketing for NCVV.

The Communications Committee meets once per month and more often as needed: 3rd Tuesday each month 7:00 – 8:00 pm at 11704 Riverside Dr., Valley Village, CA 91607.

Elections and Bylaws
Chair: Ginny Hatfield
The Elections Committee is responsible for conducting the bi-annual election for NCVV Board of Directors. The committee meets primarily during the 6 months before and one month after the annual election and more often as needed. Elections are held every two years in conjunction with the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment. The Elections Committee is also responsible for the NCVV Bylaws and for Board outreach efforts to increase stakeholder participation in NCVV. More information about elections can be found at EmpowerLA

Events and Outreach
Chair: Ginny Hatfield
The Events and Outreach Committee is responsible for all events and outreach projects undertaken by NCVV that have a defined time frame and are funded either by NCVV or by other city or outside resources. These events are focused on enhancing a strong sense of community for stakeholders in Valley Village. Examples are annual events such as Light Up Valley Village, our annual Movie Night, National Night Out, and our participation in the Valley Village Homeowners Association July 4th Parade.

The Events and Outreach Committee meets once per month and more often as needed: 3rd Wednesday each month 7:30 – 9:00 pm at 5321 Laurel Cyn. Blvd., Valley Village, CA 91607

Planning and Land Use
Chair: Dale Liebowitz-Neglia
The Planning and Land Use Committee is responsible for ensuring that projects proposed within Valley Village are compliant with city ordinances and codes and more importantly that they adhere to the Specific Plan of Valley Village as well as the North Hollywood Community Plan. This committee is also responsible for maintaining a systematic approach for tracking projects to ensure they continue to adhere to agreed development guidelines.

The Planning and Land Use Committee meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month and more often as needed: 2nd Wednesday each month 7:15 – 9:00 pm at Faith Presbyterian Church
5000 Colfax Ave., Valley Village, CA 91601.

Valley Village Vision
Chair: Marc Woersching
The Valley Village Vision Committee is responsible for proposing, executing and managing worthy projects that benefit the stakeholders in the community. Their work is focused on the long term vision for Valley Village in important manners such as transportation, development and business activity. The committee is responsible for the long range vision of the community.

The Valley Vision Committeee meets the 3rd Tuesday each month 7:30 – 9:00 pm at Oakwood Secondary School Development Office, 5220 Lemp Ave. Valley Village, CA 91601.

There are many opportunities to volunteer on behalf of NCVV. Interested stakeholders can participate in our many annual events such as National Night Out or Light Up ValleyVillage, serve on a Board committee, or join signature programs such as CERT and Neighborhood Watch. There are many ways you can help make Valley Village better for all of our 25,000 stakeholders. For more information on how you can volunteer, contact NCVV Vice President Ginny Hatfield at 818-759-8204 – or – submit an inquiry through at