Anyone in Valley Village who lives in multi-family housing (condominiums or apartments) or owns a business only needs to be asked “how’s your trash pick-up going?” to start a passionate and heated conversation! The City of Los Angeles through a program called RecycLA has centralized trash removal regionally through seven companies in an effort to improve recycling and save money. And according to a large portion of our stakeholders neither goal is being met.

NCVV’s Board has received many calls in the past several months relaying messages of price gouging, added fees, poor or no service and rude personnel working for (in the Valley) Waste Management. The LA Times, in a December article, show evidence of fees that had increased up to 700% in some cases, with many of the examples providing less service under the new plan.

The Valley Village Homeowners Association is dedicating a portion of their first meeting in 2018 to discuss this very important matter. If you have been impacted by the new program, this is your chance to share your story and hear from officials who can help. We encourage our stakeholders to attend the VVHA meeting Wednesday, January 17, at Colfax School. The meeting begins at 7pm, and there is parking on the street.